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1P Circular 3pin Receptacle Connector Aviation Socket

Push pull self-latching system
Full EMC shielding
Solder or PCB print contacts
Multi-pole / 1P: 2~14 contacts, 2P: 3~16 contacts.
High density installation to save space
Plastic housing,2 leaf-springs locking, groove to avoid rotation
Tinted back nut of plugs and round nut of sockets to avoid mismating
Protection class(mated): IP50 or IP65
Product Certificate: CE/UL
  • SNG.1P303.APLL
  • 3917400000

1P Circular 3pin Receptacle Connector Aviation Socket

Product Specification 

Metal push-pull connector


PAG Straight Plug, IP50:

Plug connector

PFG Straight Plug, IP65:

Flat cable

SKG Fixed Socket, Panel, IP50:

PVC cable

SKG Fixed Socket,PCB,IP50:

cable assembly

SKG Fixed Socket,PCB,IP50:

Medical adapter

SNG Fixed Socket, Panel, IP65:

Medical connector

SBG Fixed Socket, PCB, IP50:

Medical coupler

Our Company: 

Plastic connector


power connector


Medical coupler

Product Application:



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