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New RJ45 Connector

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IP67 New RJ45 Connector

The latest upgraded outdoor RJ45 data connector has a simpler and more stylish appearance. It is widely used in professional audio, video, lighting and other network equipment fields. 


Features & Advantages 

Redesign of the contact parts of the core components

Our engineers redesigned the new RJ45 contacts replaced stamping process on sheet metals with wire drawing process. It makes contacts higher elasticity and increased the mating cycles greatly. Our contacts will still work after numerous mating cycles even when the contacts of crystal heads damaged. The redesigned contacts are in cylinder shape that allows it to be self-cleaning and reduces the dependence on the precision of the crystal head. Even with a low-precision crystal head, it has excellent stability and improved the fault tolerance rate of the product.

Sound and shock feedback design

We redesigned the mating strength of the new RJ45 and mating is smoother and more even. It was designed inside with a buckle locking mechanism. The user can feel safe connection from the sound and shock feedback. 

Unlocking design when the buckle doesn’t work

It was designed at the top with a solid spring. Connectors have been locked when the spring was slightly pressed; It can be unlocked when press the spring hardly even when the buckledoesn’t work. 

IP67 Protection Class

The waterproof rubber pad is designed in the groove of the flange. When it is compressed, it can effectively prevent the rubber pad from deforming around. It can only deform back and forth, effectively enhancing the waterproof ability of the rubber pad. There is a cable collet and a sealing ring at the terminal, and a rotation stop mechanism is designed which can prevent cable rotation and moving.

Operation and Installation

It can be mated quickly with one hand and can be installed in field. The installation is simple and convenient. The socket can be installed on flat panel or inclined panel and panel thickness can be up to 10mm.

Product Structure and Installation Operations

Product structure


Product installation operation

Install the socket onto panel, hold the plug with one hand and insert the plug

into the socket. The spring begins to compress when the buckle is pushed into place. The metal button bounces
by the spring and make a "click" sound with shock feedback, the connector is securely connected.

Plug Specification


Socket Specification



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