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Cable Connector

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At present the global aerospace, aviation, military field demand for connectors accounted for about 8% of the total demand for connectors. connectors are the most widely used electronic components, main engines in aircraft, satellite, missile and other weapon systems. The airborne control system and the electrical connectors between various airborne equipment are all through this component. according to statistics, the Shenzhou spacecraft uses 500 types of electrical connectors for propulsion and power systems.

The Push–pull connector is a type of cable interconnect that provides a strong locking mechanism that is only released by squeezing the connector body, preventing accidental disconnects. The connector is cylindrical, enabling a wide range of body styles and configurations such as low or high voltage multipin, coaxial, triaxial, fluid and gas. Circular push pull connectors offer light weight and assure high reliability and durability as well as easy push-pull operation. You may apply our connectors to all kinds of small-sized electronic equipment requiring high reliability. These simple but refined connectors are most suitable for portable electronic equipment which requires good appearance. Besides, key system permits only one way of coupling so that you can find right position to connect even when blind mating.

Circular Push Pull Connectors Market Types

Metal Shell Push Pull Connectors

Plastic Shell Push Pull Connectors

Circular Push Pull Connectors Market Applications


Computers and Peripherals








The spillover effect of foreign investment has fostered a large number of private connector companies in mainland China, and has grown rapidly under the promotion of the civilian products market. Especially in the past two decades, China’s private connector manufacturers have risen rapidly. The gap between corporate R&D capabilities and international giants is gradually narrowing. And in terms of cost, speed of response, close to customers, etc., has a huge local advantage, and gradually expand market share in the market competition.