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  • REUNION Connectors - 1X series 2+2 connectors for LED Optoelectronic Industry Projects


    REUNION Connectors - 1X series 2+2 connectors for LED Optoelectronic Industry Projects Read More

  • What are Circular push pull connector system?


    A Push-pull circular connector is a type of connector whose basic structure is cylindrical and has a circular mating surface. In the interconnection classification, it belongs to category 5. It is used for mutual connection between devices. Read More

  • Industrial Connectors


    Connector is system or the electrical connection between the machine circuit unit or signal transmission indispensable key components, has been widely used military-industrial complex, communications, automotive, consumer electronics, industrial, and other fields.
    Industrial connectors are designed for Ethernet connections in harsh environments and have the advantage of being tougher and more resistant than other types of connectors. Read More

  • Strategic Acquisitions Continued in the Connector Industry in 2019


    Strategic Acquisitions Continued in the Connector Industry in 2019 Read More

  • Development status of China's medical device industry


    The medical device industry involves multiple industries such as medicine, machinery, electronics, and plastics. It is a multi-disciplinary, knowledge-intensive, and capital-intensive high-tech industry. The basic characteristics of high-tech medical equipment are digitization and computerization. It is the crystallization of modern, high-tech, multi-disciplinary, cross-domain, high-tech products and high profits. Therefore, it is the focus of competition among major technological countries and large international companies. Even in the sub-sectors where the industry's overall gross profit is low and the investment is not high, products with higher technological content will continue to appear, and some companies with strong profitability will be born from them. Therefore, the general trend of the industry is high investment and high yield. Read More

  • Always Remember Sam Shine


    Always Remember Sam Shine Read More

  • What should be considered when choosing the military connector?


    What should be considered when choosing the military connector Read More

  • On branded versus generic cables


    Imagine you have decided to design a new Cable Assembly and many hours have been spent finding the right connectors. You are going into great detail to make sure they do everything you require of them, now you have the task of selecting the appropriate cable. Read More

  • REUNION Connector Application Overview


    REUNION Connector Application Overview Read More

  • REUNION Connectors - Power & Signal Hybrid Connectors


    Shenzhen Reunion Electronic Co., LTD specially designed for photoelectric industry, the Power & Signal signal Hybrid connector in transmission of optical signals at the same time it can transfer the power, make the connection lines more convenient and reliable, and the running light, the signal transmission with reliable electricity, magnetic continuity, with functions of preventing electromagnetic interference shielding, and according to different application environment, provide different series connector: Read More

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