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  • How to Specify Shielded Cable


    How to Specify Shielded Cable Read More

  • What is the difference between Nylon PA66 and PA6


    Differences between PA6 and PA66 Read More

  • USB4 As A One Stop Shop For Connectivity


    The latest addition to USB connectivity, USB4, is coming to a device near you very soon! Announced by The USB Promoter Group, which includes Apple, Intel, Renesas, ST Microelectronics, HP, Microsoft and Texas Instruments, we are going to see yet another upgrade of the USB Type-C Connector system. Read More

  • Advanced Medical Connector Solutions


    Medical connection systems are used to transmit power, data, and control signals to and from medical devices. They can be found in numerous clinical settings—surgical devices such as hand tools; therapeutic equipment; and diagnostic equipment such as EEG, ECG, EKG and EMG machines. They are also com Read More

  • What is the Cat8 network cable?


    Cat8 Network cable is the latest generation of double-shielded (SFTP) network jumper. It has two wire pairs and can support 2000MHz bandwidth with a transmission rate of up to 40Gb / s, but its maximum transmission distance is only 30m, so it is generally used. Connections to servers, switches, patch panels, and other devices in short-distance data centers. Read More

  • New RJ45 Connector


    IP67 New RJ45 Connector Read More

  • Invisible connections will unveil the 5G future


    As the number of mobile users and the demand for high speed communication grows, companies and industry groups are working around the clock to rise to the challenge.
    The 5G network aims to be 100 times faster than 4G LTE and increase broadband connection speeds 10-fold. There are a lot of moving pieces that need to arrive at the same place for 5G to move from concept to reality. Read More

  • Ethernet connectors & Ethernet cable


    Ethernet is being adopted by many manufacturers as the I/O of choice and it is increasingly creeping into many areas of manufacturing industry that are choosing to network their devices. Read More

  • Shielded twisted-pair cable and Unshielded twisted-pair cable


    When choosing cable and connector combinations for interconnect solutions in industrial applications, it's important to carefully consider the environment. Read More

  • Choose connectors to consider factors


    Choose connectors to consider factors1) What are the electrical requirements?A great place to start narrowing options is with the electrical requirements. How many signals do you have in total? What voltages, frequencies and currents are they carrying? This is a multi-dimensional list. Your signals Read More

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