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China Medical Connectors Industry in COVID-19

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China Medical Connectors Industry in COVID-19

   With the outbreak of novel coronavirus spreading around the world, all kinds of medical supplies are in urgent need. Demand for medical orders has exploded, driving demand for upstream electronic components. As one of the main parts of medical electronic products, connector plays an important role.

   The connector industry is uniquely positioned to directly aid in the fight against COVID-19. Connectivity products are essential to the manufacture of critical medical technologies such as ventilators and monitoring devices. Electronics companies have been deemed essential businesses in many regions and, even amid constraints, are supplying OEMs with the parts necessary to build the products needed to protect and care for people affected by the virus.

   According to foreign media reports: On 22th May, the US president Trump said on twitter that FORD, GM and TESLA had been "authorized" to produce ventilators, and calling on the country's automakers to switch to the production of ventilators and other medical equipment to alleviate the ventilator gap caused by the COVID 19 outbreak. In addition, Russian media reported on July 23, Russia allocated $659 million for the purchase of ventilators. Earlier, Italy also came to our country to buy a large number of respirators. As the world's largest producer of ventilator, China will face new opportunities and challenges in both the development of medical equipment and medical connectors.

   The outbreak exposed the shortage of some emergency medical equipment in the medical institutions. As a major producer of medical materials, China is expanding the capacity of epidemic prevention materials to ease the global demand as the epidemic situation continues to improve. However, most of the medical connectors are dependent on imports, which is further prominent in the case of the global outbreak of the epidemic and limited international logistics, affecting the normal production of Domestic Enterprises, the demand for a large area under special circumstances, may provide new opportunities for the development of China's medical connectors.

   REUNION electronic has made the development of customized medical connectors and medical components a top priority for 2020, constantly upgrading and expanding to a wider range of specifications to meet the growing demand for power/signaling in new electronic medical devices.

   REUNION electronics is a manufacturer of connectors and cable assembly solutions for all industries. Our main business is divided into three areas: Standard push-pull self-locking connectors ,Non-standard custom connectors and Cable assembly manufacturing.

    P,B,K,F series medical equipment connectors, have High Performance, Mating Times More Than 5000 times, Waterproof Grade IP50~IP68, Pin: 2~26, according to different equipment, different use environment can choose different configuration, can be used for Power, Signal and also support Power & Signal Hybrid. Widely used in: diagnostic and monitoring equipment, scanning laser equipment, radiography, dental analyzer, operating table, physical therapy and other medical equipment.

   The push-pull self-locking system of the connector ensures that medical personnel can safely connect and disconnect the device with only one hand. It is easy to operate and saves time, which is very important in the hospital.

B series push pull connectorK series push pull connectorF series connector