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Company profile for REUNION Connectors

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REUNION Connectors - Youtube Video

Welcome to learn about our company through YouTube videos


Founded in 2011, Shen zhen REUNION Electronic Co., LTD. is specialized in the Research and Development, manufacturing of connectors and cable assembly. Widely used in LED, Medical, Military, Industry, Test and Measurement, Navigation, Communications, Audio-Video, E-bike and New Energy etc...


The plant covers approx. Two thousand and five hundred square meters and owns about One hundred employees. There are total Six production lines and monthly production capacity is about One hundred and fifty thousand sets. We receives over fifty specific customized projects every year.


Our products are designed and manufactured according to rigorousand controlled processes-ensuring the highest standards of quality.Inspection and traceability of products are systematically ensured incompliance with our standards. ERP system was adopted in eachdepartment,which can help improve working efficiency andeffectiveness.

We choose our suppliers with caution and with carefully selected basematerials, our contacts enable hundreds of thousands of mating cycles.


We established sales office in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan and Shenzhen headquarter, and we are planning setting overseas sales office in USA and Germany.


We have ISO9001 certified and some products have passed UL, CE, CQC certificate.


Vision: To be the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of professional customized connection solutions.

Mission: To supply innovative solutions , which meet the users' highest expectations.