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Ethernet connectors & Ethernet cable

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Ethernet connectors & Ethernet cable

Ethernet is being adopted by many manufacturers as the I/O of choice and it is increasingly creeping into many areas of manufacturing industry that are choosing to network their devices.

The industrial application of Ethernet has been particularly strong in the ever more demanding world of information capture.

So how do we choose the Ethernet cable? The following are commonly used network cables

Cat5E——100 MHz Gigabit Ethernet; 1000Mbps Transmission Speed.

Cat6 ——250 MHz Gigabit Ethernet; 10Gbps (the distance is 37-55m) Transmission Speed

Cat6A ——500 MHz 10 Gigabit Ethernet; 10Gbps (the distance is 100m) Transmission Speed

Cat7 ——STP;600MHz 10 Gigabit Ethernet; 10Gbps (the distance is 100m) Transmission Speed

Generally speaking, Cat5e is suitable for most applications and if you are using Ethernet for data capture then it’s more than acceptable.

If you are streaming video then go with Cat6. The Cat6 network cable has an internal splitter that reduces interference or near end crosstalk (NEXT). It also improves remote crosstalk (ELFEXT) compared to the Cat5e network cable and has lower return and insertion losses.

If you need to run multiple applications, it is best to choose a Cat7 network cable, because it can not only support multiple applications but also better performance.

Cat7 cable supports up to 600MHz frequency bandwidth and also supports 10GBASE-T Ethernet. In addition, Cat7 cable significantly reduces crosstalk noise compared to Cat6 cable and Cat6a cable.

The next issue is the choice of connector. All true Ethernet cables use the RJ45 connector but there are many choices. Although the physical characteristics of the connectors are standard the way they are presented are dramatically different depending on the application.

Harting has produced the easiest to assemble industrial Ethernet connectors around! They are robust, IP Rated and designed for industrial environments so they can be used with thicker braided cable.

On the other hand, the Neutrik Ethercon connector is fit seamlessly into existing cables used in Audio-Visual environments. so it will fit into traditional AV Patch Panels. 

With Ethernet seeping into every industry and becoming more widely available.REUNION Connectors released RJ45 Ethernet connectors, make it easy to use the connectors in traditional environments.