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How to select the REUNION Connector

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How to select the REUNION Connector

First please tell us the connector “Application”and "Application Environment":

This is the most important. Our company needs to recommend the products with the corresponding materials and performance to you according to the application and the application environment.

Such as: waterproof or unwaterproof,metal or plastic...

The second let me know the electrical requirements:

These include current and voltage,Resistance or other speical requirements such as RFI, EMI, shielding, signal speed, separation of power and signals, and grounding etc

The third is the mechanical requirements:

Some mechanical parameters, such as contact resistance, can affect electrical requirements. If the connector will be mated and unmated during the lifecycle of the equipment, the number of mating and un-mating cycles must be specified, as well as any minimum and maximum insertion or extraction force requirements. 

The fifth consideration is safety agency approvals and environmental regulatory requirements:

All kinds of products have passed the corresponding UL, VDE, CE, CCC, CQC certification, and special SGS factory audit.

The sixth is the manufacturing process:

We have all the industry skills and key technologies for connector system development: Mould design, Overmolding, CNC machining, Assembly test and welding, molding, assembly and other complete cable assembly processing.