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Lighting Connectors

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What are Lighting Connectors?


Lighting Connectors are industrial plugs that are used to connect lighting devices to a power supply.Lighting connectors are primarily used in the events industry for stage illumination.The most common types of plug are 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 pin connectors.


Lighting connector come in male and female form like other connectors.Some fixtures and assemblies containing several lamps,use a panel mounted connector to avoid the need for a separate breakout,and many such fixtures also incorporate a female show safe connector to allow further similar fixtures to be chained from the same supply.


Lighting Connectors for Stage Lighting


Stage lighting is the craft of lighting as it applies to the production of theatre,dance,opera and other performance arts.Different types of stage lighting instruments are used in this discipline.In addition to basic lighting are commonly referred to as lighting technicians.


The equipment used for stage lighting(e.g.,cabling,dimmers,lighting instruments,controllers)are also used in other lighting applications,including corporate events,concerts,trade shows,broadcast television,film production,photographic studios,and other types of live events,The personnel needed to install,operate,and control the equipment also cross over into these different areas of stage lightingapplications.


Lighting Connectors for Street Lighting


REUNION Connector products from TE Connectivity provide reliable protection for the controls used in street and outdoor lighting. A receptacle connector is integrated into the light fixture and receives a base which is the foundation of the lighting control. In addition to offering this sealed interconnect solution between luminaire and control module the P/M/N product series also offers waterproof to fully seal and protect the lighting control.


Technical Parameters


Push pull self-latching system

Full EMC shielding

Solder or PCB print contacts

Multi-pole / 1P: 2~14 contacts, 2P: 3~16 contacts.

High density installation to save space

Plastic housing,2 leaf-springs locking, groove to avoid rotation

Tinted back nut of plugs and round nut of sockets to avoid mismating

Protection class(mated): IP50 or IP65

Product Certificate: CE/UL


Lighting Connector robust yet flexible and lightweight parts,with life cycles exceeding half a million and IP67.Its features are so varied that we can from up to 60 different configurations.