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REUNION Connector Application Overview

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REUNION Connector application overview

LED display die casting box:

It is widely used for rental and needs to be disassembled and assembled frequently. Therefore, the connectors also needs to realize quick plug in and out. For specific applications, please see the following:

REUNION-3N Powercon connectors and 2P series connectors


LED Curtain Screen:

LED Curtain Screen is composed of an LED dot matrix, which displays text, picture, animation, and video through the bright and out of red, green and blue light beads. The content can be changed at any time. All components are display devices of modular structure.

It is usually used for large spacing about P10, also applied for outdoor use, suitable for rental, so it requires waterproof function, it also need to be disassembled frequently.

REUNION-3N Powercon connectors and 2P series connectors


Small spacing display:

The small spacing display is the product with spacing below P3. The box body is small, usually 300*400 (mm). The box body layout is relatively compact. The conventional connector is too large and the box structure is not well designed. The box adopts the flat connector to save space.

REUNION-Flat series connectors


LED Lamp screen:

LED Lamp screen is composed of a large spacing display screen assembled by a light bar, this display screen is suitable for outdoor fixed installation, long-term outdoor use, waterproof requirements are relatively high, easily setup.

REUNION-2M 3+2 hybrid power & signal connectors


Single light bar:

Single light bar is used for irregular building surface, light bar can be placed in any shape, the connection between each light bar can be connected with a set of small connectors.

REUNION-1M series connectors


Point light source:

Point light source is a series of lights, each series of lights need a component connected to the sub-control to go, due to the number of joints, so the disassembly needs to be able to install quickly.

REUNION-1P series push-pull connectors



GPS series products in use due to the complex environment, metal series waterproof connector, can effectively resist shock and vibration, and 360-degree shielding.

REUNION-0K,1K,2K series waterproof connectors



Data acquisition analyzer:

The data acquisition analyzer will integrate multiple signals, and the structure should be small and the signals should be switched at any time. REUNION connectors can avoid wrong insertion and removal according to different colors and positioning keys. Multipole contacts can transmit power and high and low-frequency signals at the same time.

REUNION-Plastic 1P series, Metal 00B,0B,0K series


Detection equipment:

Detection equipment needs to collect a variety of signals, then analyze these signals,  plug in/out connectors per different positioning keys can avoid mismatching.

REUNION-Metal Push-Pull connectors


Military radio stations:

Military radio stations requires strong anti-jamming function when transmitting high-speed signals. The connectors must be small size, light weight, shielded, simple and quick connection in limited space.

REUNION-F series connectors: 0F,1F series



Medical monitor:

REUNION-1P series push-pull connectors


Endoscope system:

The endoscope system is mainly used for recording digital images of the internal organs of the human body. The metal connector (2K) is used as the interface between these endoscope lenses and the system, mainly for hose applications, transmission control signals, and photoelectric signals. The photoelectric sensor in front of the hose converts light sources into electrical signals.

REUNION-Metal K series connectors


Laser scalpel:

Application on laser scalpel: main transmission power and signal control

Metal model: 0B3pins, 4pins, 1B3pins

REUNION-B series push-pull connectors



Electrocardiogram is mainly connected to electrodes, transmitting signals, common models 1B7pins/10pins/14pins

REUNION-P series push-pull connectors