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REUNION Connectors & Ebike Connectors

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   REUNION Connectors & Ebike Connectors

   Global energy consumption, environmental pollution, bicycle travel is more environmentally friendly and healthy, especially under the impact of the COVID-19 in 2020, the global e-bike market supply showed a trend of fluctuating growth, has become one of the most widely used road vehicles.


   The "electric bicycle" refers to a personal vehicle that USES the battery as auxiliary energy and, on the basis of the ordinary bicycle, is equipped with the motor, controller, battery, brake handle and other control parts as well as the electromechanical integration of the display instrument system.


   The global e-bike market supply reached 39.72 million in 2019, an increase of 11.01% over 2018. In 2019, the global e-bike industry market size reached 18.9 billion US dollars, nearly 40 million units. Besides the famous brands in China, the global e-bike manufacturers mainly include PEDEGO, Panasonic, Yamaha, Trek and Klever. The global e-bike market is dominated by the Asia-Pacific region, which accounts for 94.39% of the e-bike market. According to data from Statista, the global e-bike market supply fluctuated and increased from 2015 to 2019.In various countries and regions, the Asia-Pacific region and Western Europe occupy the vast majority of the global e-bike market. The Asia-Pacific region accounted for 94.39% of the e-bike market, while Western Europe accounted for 4.60%. The rest of the electric bicycle market share in the proportion of less than 1%.


  The global e-bike market is expected to reach $21 billion by 2024, with a compound annual growth rate of 12.5 percent from 2019 to 2024.The main drivers of this market are increased health-conscious consumers, high traffic congestion, environmental issues and increased government policy initiatives.Promote cycling to reduce carbon emissions.Emerging trends have a direct impact on market dynamics, including the development of luxury folding e-bikes and high-tech e-bikes integrated with smart-phones.


   At the same time, the rapid development of the e-bike market has also promoted the demand and development of e-bike connectors. Various connectors are involved in the operation and charging of e-bike and bicycles.These include: support the battery management system connectors, connect the battery and the bicycle connectors, and magnetic connectors, signal connectors, and power connectors for current-carrying, etc


    REUNION Hybrid 3+9 connectors with twist locks offer an innovative alternative to standard mechanical coupling connectors for powering and light electric e-mobility vehicles (LEVs) such as transmission within the same connector interface.  3+9 series connector is  typically hybrid power and data connectors . And,widely available with multiple pin and housing configurations and in both board-mount and cabled options to support eBikes, wheelchairs, scooters, drones, warehouse robots...The IP67 waterproof is suitable for outdoor harsh environment, and ensuring the stability of power transmission.

 power & signal connector

   The rapid growth of e-bikes is driving innovation in connector products for this unique market.Due to the severe environmental pollution situation around the world, cycling is more environmentally friendly and healthy.This has also contributed to the demand for and development of e-bike connectors.Innovations in e-bike connectors will continue to evolve.Applications are also expanding, leading the innovation and development of connectors in new energy products such as scooters and electric scooters, according to industry experts.