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REUNION connectors was found on the display products of the world's largest airport - Beijing Daxing International Airport

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On the afternoon of September 25, Beijing Daxing International Airport (hereinafter referred to as Daxing Airport) was officially opened, with China Southern Airlines, Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Capital Airlines, China United Airlines, Xiamen Airlines and Hebei Airlines taking off from here. Under the blue sky, Daxing Airport's golden terminal looks like a glittering medal, also looks like a flying phoenix, engraved with the glory of beijing-Tianjin-Hebei's five-year co-development, and a tribute to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China.

As the No. 1 of "7 Wonders of the New Horizons", behind the official operation of Daxing Airport, there were lots of wisdom and sweat involved. During the construction of Daxing Airport, our client Leyard undertook the important work of building the main display system in the terminal.

According to incomplete statistics, Leyard provided Daxing Airport with nearly 200 display products, including flight information display, information monitoring center screen, advertising screen, etc., to ensure the efficient operation of the airport.

Daxing Airport Information Monitoring Center

For international flights, Daxing Airport uses intelligent security system. Leyard provides a convenient and visual system screen for airport customs, border control, security screening and automatic sorting of baggage, as well as a conference room control display and duty-free shop advertising screen for China Aviation Oil and China Duty Free Products Group.

Daxing Airport China Duty Free Products Group Advertising Screen

Daxing Airport China Airlines Oil Conference Room

In addition, Leyard also provides LED intelligent display screen for Daxing Airport South Shipping Control Center, outdoor corridor, domestic ground services, as well as Daxing Airport China Eastern Airlines Hub Center, Operation Control Center and Aircraft Area.

Daxing Airport Southern Air Traffic Control Center

China Southern Airlines Domestic Ground Service at Daxing Airport

Daxing Airport Oriental Air Control Center

Daxing Airport Eastern Airlines Operation Control Center

Daxing Airport has a "five vertical and two horizontal" ground transportation network, "four in four out" air flight waves. At the same time, the airport has a huge rail network, intercity railway, high-speed rail, airport line, subway and other forms of transport ation in one. Leyard provide command center display and roof guide for the new airport, greatly enhanced the convenience of transportation.

REUNION connectors can be found in many famous projects via our client like Absen, Leyard, Yaham, Unistrong, Unilumin etc. I will introduce more application case studies in my future articles. Welcome to subscribe, thank you for your time and wish all the best to you and your families!