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The development of communication connectors in the 5G ERA

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The development of communication connectors in the 5G ERA


With the arrival of 5G ERA, the performance upgrade and rapid development of communication connectors have become an inevitable trend.The global connector market is $155 billion, of which the communications connector market accounts for $45 billion. The CAGR is forecast to be 8.7% in 2018-2023, with the fastest growth.


5G high-speed communication connector is mainly used in Communication, Network, Medical, Home Appliances, Apparatus and other fields.The rapid development of product technology level and the rapid growth of the market strongly pull the development of connector technology.5G will open the era of intelligence and the Internet of Things. As a basic communication accessory, connectors have developed into a series and specialized products with complete product categories, rich varieties and specifications, diverse structural types, subdivided professional directions, obvious industry characteristics, and standard system specifications.


Traditional connector only need to have mechanical properties, electrical properties and environmental performance of three kinds of performance, but with the advent of the 5G ERA,high data and high density transmission requirements are bound to require performance upgrades for connectors. In addition, the contact connection mode is also gradually turning to wireless transmission, the precision and security requirements for the connector will continue to improve.The development of communication connector will tend to Miniaturization, High density, High speed transmission and High frequency; Contact parts tend to Modular Combination and Easy Push-Pull.


Connector is an important part of communication equipment, the value of the general communication equipment accounted for about 3-5%, and in some large equipment value accounted for more than 10%. Mobile communication base station, base station controller, mobile switching network, joint support nodes all need a large number of different specifications and functions of connectors, such as RF connector, Power connector, Backboard connector, Input/Output connector, Printed circuit board connector, etc.


Public data shows that by the end of 2023, the number of global 5G subscribers will exceed 1 billion, and the 5G and 5G-related network infrastructure market will grow from about $528 million in 2018 to $26 billion in 2022, with a compound annual growth rate of 118%.The 5G market brings great opportunities and challenges to connectors.


In the future, 5G will be applied in three scenarios: EMBBURLLC and  MMTC.This requires very high transmission rates and very reliable connections with low latency. And, it requires a network with a large number of machine type connections.To satisfy such a large amount of data transmission, so many components integrated together, to achieve a distance to increase the corresponding power, thus the heat transfer is beyond imagination, so the demand for the connector density, the demand for heat transfer, the demand for reliability, are put forward to the requirement of rate greater than any time the original technical challenge.


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