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The role of temperature sensors in the ship industry

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Temperature class sensor calibration verification test system consists of a furnace temperature source is the temperatiure sensor calibration and precision temperature calibration resistor placed in the furnace at the same time.Temperature is the temperature correction value output temperature sensor output and precision temperature resistance are the main instrument in the calibration module displays achieve contrast calibration.

Temperature sensor is a common temperature detection equipment,has a certain application in many industries and plays an important role.Temperature sersor in the shipbuiliding industry also has a wide range of applications and for the shibuilding industry to improve safety also played a significant rold.what the role of temperature sensors in the ship industry?

With the rapid development of modern militray technology,naval vessels to product the power of the countries are moving in short-based maintenance technology,maintenance and support toward the rear of the fron,the sea and the shift from moyorized maintenanca support,maintenanca and support along with the ability to improve battlefield,a modern naval combat ships to recover timely processing vessels serious injury,an important measure to ensure the vitality of the ship.

Modern ship's mechanical and electrical equipment installed in the boat a lot of pressure,temperature and liquid level sensor class,they play a huge role in the normal use of the equipment,condition monitoring,fault diagnosis,automatic control and security alarm,ect.considering the battle damage and the sensor itself can lead to poor working condition of its own chharacteristics change and ever failure and other factors,should establish testin nd detection sensor type of equipment shelter on a large ship repair,in order to carry out carious types of sensors and spare parts checksum cablibration,maintenanca and support to meet wartime requirements.