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What are Circular push pull connector system?

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A Push-pull circular connector is a type of connector whose basic structure is cylindrical and has a circular mating surface. In the interconnection classification, it belongs to category 5. It is used for mutual connection between devices. Broadly speaking, including low frequency circular connectors, RF coaxial connectors and audio connectors from ect. The cylindrical structure of the circular connector has natural robustness and higher strength than any other shape.


Push-pull connectors are simply connectors that lock, providing a secure mating system in mission-critical applications.


Most push-pull connectors are lightweight and can be made of plastics or metals, but they are rugged, offering thousands of mating cycles. Because of the locking mechanism, they also provide a clean, streamlined look on devices. They also offer space-saving benefits, as they only require two fingers to grip the shell to connect or disconnect, without twisting. Multiple connectors can be mounted closely together and don’t require bulky tools for connection and disconnection.


Some push-pull connectors are designed as disposable devices for use in applications where cleanliness is critical. They can be designed for indoor and harsh outdoor applications. Key characteristics can include waterproof ratings (IP68) for complete submersion in water, dust-proof, vibration and shock resistance and more.