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What connectors are used for Medical Equipment?

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What connectors are used for Medical Equipment?

REUNION's P connector series is aimed at medical applications.

For instant identification, models are available in different colours (grey,black,and white), and the system has a built-in push-pull latching system – push the connector home to latch it in – after which tension on the cable will not release it. To release, pull a sliding part of the outer shell back, and the connector will come away.Quick push pull and easy to operate.

Plastic housing,2 leaf-springs locking,groove to avoid rotation.

Multiple keying options to avoide mismating.

High-density installation to save space.

Full EMC shielding ensures signal stability.

A selection of cable collets can handle cables from 3.5mm to 6.5mm in diameter, and contact choices range from two 14A contacts to 14 contacts that can handle 2A.

With the development of medical device industry,REUNION will further invest in the medical device market.Continuously accumulate experience and improve the product.

At the same time,our engineering services to support the development of bespoke cable assemblies for use in the medical market.

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