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What is the Cat8 network cable?

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What is the Cat8 eight network cable?

Cat8 Network cable is the latest generation of double-shielded (SFTP) network jumper. It has two wire pairs and can support 2000MHz bandwidth with a transmission rate of up to 40Gb / s, but its maximum transmission distance is only 30m, so it is generally used. Connections to servers, switches, patch panels, and other devices in short-distance data centers.

The Cat8 network cable is officially released in 2016 by the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TIA) TR-43 committee, as follows:

1. Compliant with the IEEE 802.3bq 25G / 40GBASE-T standard, it specifies the minimum transmission rate of Cat8 cable and supports 25 Gbps and 40 Gbps network cabling.

2. Compliant with ANSI / TIA-568-C.2-1, specifies the channel and permanent link of Cat8 cable and includes resistor imbalance, TCL and ELTCTL restrictions.

3. Meets ANSI / TIA-1152-A standards and specifies Cat8 cable field tester measurement and accuracy requirements.

4. It complies with the ISO / IEC-11801 standard and specifies the channel and permanent link of Class I/II Cat8 cable.

Cat8 Cable Category: In the ISO / IEC-11801 standard, Cat8 network cables are classified into Class I and Class II according to channel level. Among them, Class I Cat8 Class 8 cable shielding types are U/FTP and F/UTP, which are backward compatible with Cat5e and Cat6. , Cat6a's RJ45 connector interface; Class II Cat8 Category 8 cable shielding type is F/FTP or S/FTP, backward compatible with TERA or GG45 connector interface.

Like the Cat7/Cat7e network cable, the Cat8 cable is a shielded twisted pair cable that can be used in the data center, high speed and bandwidth intensive places, although the transmission distance of the Cat8 cable is not as good as the Cat7/Cat7e network cable. But its rate and frequency are far more than Cat7/Cat7e network cable. Cat8 types of network cable and super Cat5 network cable, Cat6 / Cat6e network cable between the big difference, mainly reflected in the speed, frequency, transmission distance, and applications.